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Within the same title all maps are listed chronologically. Measurements are given in centimetres, height by width, excluding margins.


Antique Maps and Prints of Bulgaria, Croatia, The Danube, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia

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862. Admiralty Charts. ‘DRAGAMESTI BAY AND APPROACHES’. Detailed large sea chart of Dragamesti Bay on the Greek West coast, surveyed by Lieut. Morris H. Smyth. Published under the Superintendenceof Captain W. J. L. Wharton by the Admiralty 1893 [26436] 98 x 65 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £150
H26436DragamestiAdmiralty.jpg (101827 bytes)

863. Anonymous. ‘VIEW OF ATHENS, WITH THE NEW RAILWAY STATION’. From the Observatory, Hill of the Nymphs, to the Acropolis and Parthenon. In the centre is the city of Athens, with the Temple of Theseus to the right. Wood engraving 1869 [22832] 16 x 52 cm. Full recent hand colour. Excellent condition. £175
H22832AthensILN.jpg (82022 bytes)

864. Sanson, N. ‘LE ROYAUME DE HONGRIE, ET LES ESTATS QUI ONT ESTÉ SUJETS ET DEPENDANS DE SA COURONNE ...’. Large map of the Balkans between Austria and the Black Sea with Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, eliminating Greece, with two cartouches. Printed on two sheets and joined. Published by Hubert Jaillot from the plate by Nicolas Sanson ca. 1690 [22443] 68 x 87 cm. The map in original outline colour. Excellent condition. £300
H22443HongrieSanson.jpg (104105 bytes)

865. Aa, P. v. d. ‘LA HONGRIE, SUIVANT LES NOUVELLES OBSERVATIONS’. Antique map of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia with pictorial cartouche. Pieter van der Aa, Leiden 1714 [25068] 23 x 30 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £125
Folio edition - no centrefolds.
H25068HongrieAa.jpg (102708 bytes)

867. Homann Heirs. ‘TABULA GEOGRAPHICA EXHIBENS REGNUM SCLAVONIAE CUM SYRMII DUCATU ...’. Antique map of the eastern part of Croatia between the rivers Drava and Sava, reaching from Belgrad (Serbia) to Vellika and Virovitica (Croatia), with large figurative cartouche and table of explanations. Homann Heirs 1745 [22365] 46 x 56 cm. The map in full original colour. Occasional slightly browned white margins. Excellent condition. £100
H22365SclavoniaeHomann.jpg (103783 bytes)

871. Cary, J. ‘A NEW MAP OF TURKEY IN EUROPE...’. Antique map of Greece, with Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia-Serbia. John Cary 1801 [26199] 46 x 52 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £125
H26199GreeceCary.jpg (101459 bytes)

872. Reinecke, J. C. M. ‘CHARTE VOM TÜRKISCHEN REICHE IN EUROPA...’. Antique map of the Turkish Empire on the Balkans in Europe, incl. Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece Johann Christoph Matthias Reinecke for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1817 [25835] 47 x 47 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £125
H25835BalkansReinecke.jpg (99696 bytes)

875. Cary, J. ‘A NEW MAP OF HUNGARY, WITH DIVISIONS INTO GESPANCHAFTS OR COUNTIES; THE PRINCIPALITY OF TRANSYLVANIA, CROATIA &C. ...’. Antique map of Hungary. John Cary 1799 [26183] 45 x 51 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £100
H26183HungaryCary.jpg (100066 bytes)

877. Visscher, N. ‘TOTIUS REGNI HUNGARIAE ET ADJACENTIUM REGIONUM TABULA ...’.Antique map of Hungary and Romania with pictorial cartouche, printed on two sheets and joined. Nicolaas Visscher 1683 [22441] 43 x 81 cm. Full original colour, rather uneven in places. £300
Right portion rather browned and two short splits to folds old rebacked, otherwise good.
H22441HungaryVisscher.jpg (104656 bytes)

878. Homann, J. B. ‘REGNI HUNGARIAE TABULA GENERALIS....’. Antique map of Hungary and Slovakia and adjacent parts of Croatia, Serbia and Romania (Transylvania) with two cartouches. Johann Baptist Homann ca. 1720 [22444] 47 x 57 cm. The map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £200
H22444HungariaeHomann.jpg (102028 bytes)

879. De L’Isle, G. / Covens, J. & Mortier, C. ‘CARTE PARTICULIERE DE LA HONGRIE, DE LA TRANSILVANIE, DE LA CROATIE ET DE LA SCLAVONIE’. Antique map of Hungary and Slovakia and adjacent parts of Croatia, Serbia and Romania (Transylvania). After designs by Marsilli published by Jean Covens & Corneille Mortier from the plate by Guillaume de l’Isle ca. 1730 [22435] 49 x 57 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
H22435HongrieMortier.jpg (102562 bytes)


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