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Baltic States

Antique Maps and Prints of the Baltic Sea, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Silesia

Exchange rate (approximately):  £ 1.00 = EUR 1.10 = US-$ 1.25

884. Johnson, E. K. ‘PICTURE MAP OF THE BALTIC SEA’. Large map of the Baltic Sea and adjacent countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany) with numerous vignettes to illustrate the respective capitals and major ports (Lubeck, Riga, Reval, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, etc), some inset town plans and small maps, and decorative cartouches, coats of arms, and naval related artwork. Woodengraved supplement by E. K. Johnson for the Illustrated London News 1856 [21411] 49 x 76 cm. Uncoloured. Previously folded. Excellent condition. £150
H21411BalticseaJohnson.jpg (96462 bytes)

885. Johnston, A. K. ‘BASIN OF THE BALTIC’. A Detailed map of the Baltic Sea and surrounding coasts towards the end of the 19th century, with small insets of Kiel, Stettin & Danzig and a larger one of St Petersburg. W. & A.K. Johnston 1892 [25304] Original colour. 44 x 57 cm. £75
H25304BalticJohnston.jpg (103207 bytes)

887. Valeggio, F. ‘DANZICHA’. Small panoramic early view of Danzig. Francesco Valegio ca. 1600 [26535] 8 x 13 cm. Uncoloured copper engraving. Excellent condition. £90
H26535DanzigValegio.jpg (102244 bytes)

888. Bertius, P. ‘DANTZIG’. Panoramic view. Pieter Bertius ca. 1632 [26534] 14 x 19 cm. Uncoloured copper engraving. Excellent condition. £90
H26534DanzigBertius.jpg (101909 bytes)

889. Hulsius, Fr. ‘DANTZIG’. Small panoramic view of Danzig. Friedrich Hulsius ca. 1632 [26536] 7 x 13 cm. Printed copper engraving, uncoloured, on full folio text page. Slight overall agetoning. Excellent condition. £90
H26536DanzigHulsius.jpg (102092 bytes)

890. Blaeu, W. & J. ‘LIVONIA, VULGO LYEFLAND’. Antique map of Estonia with cartouche and sailing ships. Willem & Joan Blaeu 1639 [24959] 38 x 49 cm. Latin text verso. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £500
H24959LivoniaBlaeu.jpg (101261 bytes)

891. De Wit, F. ‘DUCATUS POMERANIAE TABULA GENERALIS...’. Map of former Pommern, the northern Polish region between the island of Rügen and Danzig/Gdansk. Large armorial cartouche with eight coats of arms and cherubs. Frederic de Wit ca. 1690 [23307] 50 x 58 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £150
H23307PomeraniaeDeWit.jpg (101539 bytes) 

892. Letts, Son & Co. ‘RUSSIA’. Sheet No. 3 of Lett’s nine sheet map of Russia, showing Estonia, Latvia and parts of northern Lithuania. Letts’s Popular Atlas ca. 1884 [26834] 32 x 39 cm. Printed in colours. Excellent condition. £75
H26834EstoniaLetts.jpg (102874 bytes)

893. Janssonius, J. / Schenk, P. & Valk, G. ‘MARCHIA NOVA VULGO NEW MARCK IN MARCH. BRANDENBURG’. Antique map of a small region in northwest Poland between Stettin, Kalisz and Frankfurt/Oder with pictorial cartouche and scale of miles. North orientated to the left. Published by Pieter Schenk and Gerard Valk from the plate by Joannes Janssonius ca. 1700 [23301] 39 x 51 cm. The map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £150
H23301NeumarkSchenk.jpg (101642 bytes)

894. Sayer, R. ‘THE TROELFTH CAKE or LE GATEAU DES ROIS’. Also The Twelfth Cake or Royal Cake. This is a French allegory and satire of the first partition of Poland: Four Monarchs inspecting a large map of Poland, inscribed ‘Poland in 1772’, spread out. Catherine II of Russia is seated and is pointing to the part of South Poland nearest the Russian frontier. Stanislaus II of Poland stands, with his left hand on the map and clutching at his crown which is slipping from his head. Opposite Catherine stands Frederick II of Prussia, his sword resting on the map near Dantzik. George III with his back to Stanislaus is facing Frederick. Robert Sayer, London ca. 1773 [27401] 26 x 16 cm. Uncoloured etching, trimmed to borders on all sides, some staining and surface erasions, rather faint impression. £375
Rare. - It gained notoriety at the time and was banned in several European countries.
H27401PolandLeMire.jpg (90085 bytes)

897. Letts, Son & Co. ‘RUSSIA (POLAND)’. Antique map of Poland, Warsaw in the centre. Letts’s Popular Atlas ca. 1884 [26334] 38 x 31 cm. Printed in colours. Excellent condition. £80
H26334PolandLetts.jpg (102464 bytes)

898. Cary, J. ‘A NEW MAP OF POLAND, AND THE GRAND DUCHY OF LITHUANIA, SHEWING THEIR DISMEMBERMENTS AND DIVISIONS BETWEEN AUSTRIA, RUSSIA AND PRUSSIA IN 1772, 1793 & 1795...’. Antique map of Poland with Lithuania and Belarus. John Cary 1799 [26179] 45 x 51 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £175
H26179PolandCary.jpg (99461 bytes)
898A. Faden, W. ‘A MAP OF THE KINGDOM OF POLAND...’. Antique map of the former Kingdom of Poland, with Lithuania, Belarus and western Ukraine. Small inset plan of Warsaw. William Faden, June 1815 [28195] 53 x 60 cm. Original outline colour. Short split to lower centre fold rebacked, otherwise very good condition. £250
H28195PolandFaden.jpg (129038 bytes) 

899. Geograph. Institut Weimar. ‘CHARTE VON SCHLESIEN UND MAEHREN...’. Antique map of southwest Poland (Silesia) and Moravia. Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1817 [25853] 54 x 46 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £100
H25853SilesiaWeimar.jpg (101305 bytes)


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