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Caribbean, Central America

Antique Maps and Prints of the West Indian Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Central America, Mexico

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313. Homann Heirs. ‘INSULA BARBADOES IN SUAS PAROCHIAS DISTINCTA...’. Detailed map of Barbados, north orientated to the left. Homann Heirs ca. 1740 [24553] 22 x 28 cm. Left, lower and upper border trimmed to neatline as issued and margins extended. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
H24553BarbadosHomann.jpg (103574 bytes)

315. Anonymous. ‘VIEWS IN BERMUDA...’. Small map of Bermuda, surrounded by four views of Grassy Bay Fort, St. George’s Town, Dockyard Hulks, and View of Islands from Gibbs Hill (the latter in oval pictorial framework). Full page woodengraved illustration from the Illustrated London News 1890 [21410] 32 x 23 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £150
H21410BemudaILN(col).jpg (100331 bytes)

317. Crépy, J. ‘LA BERMUDE AUX ANGLOIS’ and ‘LA JAMAIQUE AUX ANGLOIS...’. Two maps on one sheet. Crepy in Paris 1767 [17850] 21 x 28 cm. Original outline colour, the border line in a crude yellow, the seas in faint contemporary green. Occasional browning and agetoning, otherwise very good condition. £130
This is a close copy of Le Rouge’s map of 1746, but more uncommon.
H17850BermudaCrepy.jpg (100280 bytes)

320. Tallis, J. 'CENTRAL AMERICA'. Antique map of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. John Tallis ca. 1851 [14656] 25 x 35 cm. Original outline Colour. Excellent condition. £60
H14656CAmericaTallis.jpg (98618 bytes)

322. Macnab, J. ‘CENTRAL AMERICA, NAMELY THE (LATE) CONFEDERATED STATES OF CENTRAL AMERICA; THE MEXICAN STATES OF CHIAPA, TABASCO & YUCATAN; AND BRITISH HONDURAS’. Antique map of Central America. Engraved by John Bartholomew and published by Archibald Fullarton after John Macnab ca. 1872 [25908] 52 x 40 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £125
H25908CAmericaFullarton.jpg (101665 bytes)

325. Ettling, T. ‘CUBA AND JAMAICA’. Detailed map of Cuba, reaching as far as Cayman Islands, Jamaica, parts of the Bahama Islands, and the Florida Keys. Theodor Ettling for Weekly Dispatch Atlas ca. 1860 [17185] 30 x 43 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £60
H17185CubaEttling.jpg (103785 bytes)

326. Thomson, J. ‘GUADELOUPE’ / ‘ANTIGUA’ / ‘MARIEGALANTE’. 3 detailed maps on one sheet. Kirkwood for Thomson ca. 1816 [19316] 50 x 59 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £120
H19316GuadeloupeAntiguaThomson.jpg (100982 bytes)

329. Thomson, J. ‘JAMAICA’. Detailed map with two large insets of ‘The Harbour of Bluefields’ and ‘The Harbours of Kingston and Port Royal’. Engraved by Thomas Clerk for John Thomson ca. 1814 [25974] 43 x 60 cm. Full later colour. Excellent condition. £160
H25974JamaicaThomson.jpg (102055 bytes)

331. Thomson, J. ‘MARTINICO’ / ‘DOMINICA’. Two detailed maps of Martinique and Dominica on one sheet, inset map of the bay of Fort de France. Engraved by Kirkwood & Son for John Thomson ca. 1816 [19315] 50 x 59 cm. Original outline colour with some recent additions. Excellent condition. £120
H19315MartinicoDominicaThomson.jpg (98466 bytes)

332. Quad, M. ‘HISPANIAE NOVAE SIVE MAGNAE VERA DESCRIPTIO’. Antique map of central Mexico. Johann Bussemacher for Matthias Quad ca. 1600 [21300] 21 x 29 cm. Title cartouche and two large tables of explanations. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £350
H21300MexicoQuad(col).jpg (101846 bytes)

333. Mercator, G. / Janssonius, J. 'HISPANIAE NOVAE NOVA DESCRIPTIO'. Central Mexico with Mexico City and Guadalajara. Petrus Kaerius for Mercator/Janssonius 1648 [23750] 14 x 19 cm. Recent outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
H23750HispaniaeMercatorJanss.jpg (102198 bytes)

338. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. ‘MEXICO & GUATEMALA’. Antique map of Mexico and Guatemala with four inset maps of the Valley of Mexico, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Thomas and Cowperthwait in Philadelphia for Mitchell ca. 1850 [26549] 30 x 38 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £100
H26549MexicoCowp.jpg (102700 bytes)

343. The Graphic. ‘PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE GREAT BATTLE OF THE SPANISH - AMERICAN WAR: The general assault on Santiago de Cuba on July 1st.‘ From a sketch by D. Macpherson. Drawn by J. Gulich, R. I. & C. J. Staniland, R.I. The Graphic 1898 [21530] 33 x 105 cm. Uncoloured as issued. Folded. very good condition. £95
H21530(1)SantiagoGraphic.jpg (101409 bytes)
H21530(2)SantiagoGraphic.jpg (100017 bytes)

344. Edwards, B. ‘MAP OF THE ISLAND OF ST. CHRISTOPHER’S for the History of the West Indies by Bryan Edwards’ published by John Stockdale 1794 [26390] 18 x 23 cm. Full original colour. Few vertical folds flattened, otherwise very good condition. £120
H26390KittsEdwards.jpg (102380 bytes)

346. Thomson, J. ‘TOBAGO’. Antique map of the island of Tobago. John Thomson 1816 [19295] 25 x 30 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. 2 borders extended (remargined). £75
H19295TobagoThomson.jpg (98456 bytes)

348. De Fer, N. ‘LES ISLES DE L’AMERIQUE CONNUES SOUS LE NOM D’ANTILLES...’. Antique map of the West India Islands, engraved by H. van Loon for Atlas Curieux by Nicolas de Fer 1702 [26572] 22 x 33 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £250
H26572WIndiesDeFer.jpg (101994 bytes)

351. Guessefeld, F. L. ‘CHARTE VON WEST INDIEN...’. Detailed map of the West Indies with coastal parts of Central America, South America and Florida. Franz Ludwig Güssefeld for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1816 [25850] 43 x 60 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £350
H25850WIndiesGuessefeld.jpg (100646 bytes)

353. Swanston, G. H. ‘THE WEST INDIES’. Doublepage map with numerous insets of the ‘most important of the Lesser British islands’ (Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Grenada, Barbadoes, Tobago, St. Kitts, Antigua. St. Vincent, St. Lucie, etc). Engraved by George H. Swanston and published by Archibald Fullarton ca. 1850 [25596] 41 x 51 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £175
H25596WestIndiesSwanston.jpg (103417 bytes)

354. Letts, Son & Co. ‘THE ANTILLES, OR WEST INDIES’. Antique map of the West Indies with southern Florida, the Bahamas and parts of Central America, showing the warm and cold currents, submarine cables, lighthouses, and (mostly extinct) volcanoes. Letts’s Popular Atlas ca. 1884 [26321] 30 x 38 cm. Printed in colours. Excellent condition. £50
H26321WIndiesLetts.jpg (98361 bytes)


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