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East Indies, China & Japan

Antique Maps and Prints of China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, East India Islands

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442. Ortelius, A. ‘CHINAE, OLIM SINARUM REGIONIS, NOVA DESCRIPTIO AUCTORE LUDOVICO GEORGIO’. Highly decorative map of China with title cartouche and scale of miles. North orientated to the right. Dated 1584, but published in the Latin text edition by Abraham Ortelius 1592 [25424] 37 x 47 cm. Latin text verso. Very strong, dark printing impression. Superb full original colour. Excellent condition. £3750
van den Broecke 164.
H25424ChinaOrtelius(new).jpg (138335 bytes) 

444. Janssonius, J. / Schenk, P. & Valk, G. ‘IUNNAN, QUEICHEU, QUANGSI, ET QUANTUNG ....’. Antique map of the southeast provinces of China, incl. the island of Hainan and the region of Hong Kong and Macau, with two cartouches, table of explanations and sailing ships. Published by Pieter Schenk and Gerard Valk from the plate by Joannes Janssonius ca. 1700 [22059] 46 x 52 cm. The map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £250
H22059IunnanSchenk.jpg (102939 bytes)

445. Janssonius, J. / Schenk, P. & Valk, G. ‘HUQUANG, KIANGSI, CHEKIANG, AC FOKIEN...’. Antique map of the middle and eastern Chinese provinces between Tropic of Cancer and 35° latitude incl. the area around Shanghai, with northern parts of Formosa just showing. Figurative cartouche, scale of miles and table of explanations. Published by Pieter Schenk and Gerard Valk from the plate by Joannes Janssonius ca. 1700 [22060] 46 x 52 cm. Cartouche, scale of miles and table uncoloured, the map in full original colour. Short split in centrefold old rebacked. Very good condition. £250
H22060HuquangSchenk.jpg (103085 bytes)

450. Moll, H. ‘CHINA’. Map of China. Korea is shown as an island. Hermann Moll ca. 1739 [29673]
17 x 19 cm. Uncoloured copper engraving. £180
H29673ChinaMoll.jpg (134882 bytes) 

454. Bonne, R. 'CARTE DE L'EMPIRE DE LA CHINE, DE LA TARTARIE CHINOISE, ET DU ROYAUME DE COREE: AVEC LES ISLES DU JAPON'. Antique map of China, Korea and Japan. Rigobert Bonne ca. 1778 [23553] 32 x 21 cm. Full later colour. Excellent condition. £150
H23553ChinaBonne.jpg (94345 bytes)

457. De Vaugondy, R. ‘EMPIRE DE LA CHINE’. China and Korea. Robert de Vaugondy 1749 [18777] 16 x 20 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £100
H18777ChinaVaugondy.jpg (101337 bytes)

458. Lizars, W. ‘CHINA’. Map of China, Korea and the islands of Hainan and Formosa. William Lizars ca. 1845 [18971] 38 x 45 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £120
H18971ChinaLizars.JPG (91624 bytes)

463. Anonymous. ‘AN ACCURATE MAP OF THE EAST INDIES FROM THE LATEST IMPROVEMENTS AND REGULATED BY ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS’. Antique map of India, and East India with pictorial cartouche, probably engraved after Bowen by R. Reynolds ca. 1765 [25636] 20 x 29 cm. Recent outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
Engraved for Mountague’s History of England.
H25636EIndiesMountague.jpg (102626 bytes)
464. Anonymous. ‘HONG KONG RACES, 1876 - A SKETCH IN THE CROWD’. Mixed nationality crowds opposite the grandstand, playing a game of skill and luck. The Graphic 1876 [28966] 30 x 42 cm. Full coloured wood engraving. Excellent condition. £180
H28966HongKongRaces.jpg (124789 bytes) 

467. Giraldon. ‘INDE EN DEÇA ET AU DELA DU GANGE’. Antique map of India and East India (Burmah, Thailand, Malaysia) with pictorial cartouche featuring an elephant. Chamouin after Giraldon ca. 1805 [25806] 22 x 30 cm. Original outline colour. Some spotting in white top margin outside the image, otherwise very good condition. £80
H25806IndeGiraldon.jpg (85971 bytes)

474. Schenk, P. & Valk, G. ‘NOVA ET ACCURATA JAPONIAE TERRAE ESONIS, AC INSULARUM ADJACENTIUM’. Antique map of Japan, Korea (shown as an island) and “Landt van Eso”. Pieter Schenk & Gerard Valk ca. 1700 [22056] 45 x 54 cm. Figurativ cartouche and scale of miles (both uncoloured), the map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £1250
H22056JapanSchenk.jpg (103911 bytes)

475. Bellin, N. ‘CARTE DES ISLES DU JAPON ET LA PRESQU’ISLE DE COREE AVEC LES COSTES DE LA CHINE’. Japan, Korea and the Chinese coast incl. the island of Formosa. Bellin ca. 1750 [17496] 21 x 29 cm. Large cartouche. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £180
H17496JapanKoreaBellin.jpg (102239 bytes)

479. Philip, G. ‘THE “DAILY MAIL” SPECIAL MAP OF THE FAR EAST’. Antique map of Japan, Korea and parts of eastern China (incl. Shanghai, Peking and Mukden), with two inset maps of Asia and of the Far East (incl. Philippines, Formosa, Mongolia and Sakhalin). Published by George Philip & Son ca. 1910 [24939] Printed in full colours. Previously folded, folds flattened. Very good condition. £175
H24939FarEastPhilip.jpg (101886 bytes)

481. Admiralty Charts. ‘KOBE KO’ and ‘OSAKA KO INCLUDING AMAGASAKI KO’. Two detailed sea charts of Kobe and Osaka harbours in Japan from Japanese Goernment Charts of 1939 and 1953 respectively. First published at the Admiralty 1955 under the Superintendence of Vice-Admiral Archibald Day, and now with corrections by the Admiralty 1957 [26440] 66 x 99 cm. Uncoloured with red tinted highlights. Excellent condition. £150
H26440OsakaKobeAdmiralty.jpg (100655 bytes)

482. Dheulland, G. ‘PLAN DE LA VILLE DE MEACO’. Plan of Kyoto in Japan. Dheulland for Prévost ca. 1750 [17441] 19 x 28 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £150
H17441KyotoBellin(col).jpg (101468 bytes)

484. Bellin, N. 'GRUNDRISS VON DEM HAFEN UND DER STADT NANGASAKI'. Plan of Nagasaki in Japan and the harbour. Bellin for Prévost ca. 1750 [22898] 19 x 34 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £150
H22898NangasakiBellin(col).jpg (74633 bytes)

489. D’Après de Mannevillette. ‘PLAN DE LA RADE D’ACHEM ET DES ISLES CIRCONVOISINES SITUÉES A LA PARTIE DU NORD-OUEST DE SUMATRA’. Sea chart of the port of Banda Aceh and several adjoining islands on the north tip of Sumatra. G. Delahaye after D’Après de Mannevillette for Neptune Oriental ca. 1775 [19700] 48 x 33 cm. £120
H19700SumatraMannevillette.jpg (101633 bytes)

490. Schley, J. v. ‘PLAN DE JEDO’. Plan of Tokyo. Schley for Prévost ca. 1750 [17440] 25 x 25 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £150
H17440JedoSchley(col).jpg (99455 bytes)

491. Bellin, N. 'GRUNDRISS VON JEDO'. Plan of Tokyo. Bellin for Prévost ca. 1750 [24098] 25 x 25 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £150
H24098TokyoBellin.jpg (102442 bytes)


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