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India, Ceylon

Antique Maps and Prints of India, Ceylon / Sri Lanka

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432. Janssonius, J. / P. Schenk et G. Valk. ‘INSULA ZEILAN, OLIM TAPROBANA, NUNC INCOLIS TENARISIM’. Map of Ceylon with large figurative cartouche and scale of miles, compass roses and sailing ships. Published by Peter Schenk and Gerard Valk after Janssonius ca. 1702 [29742] 41 x 51 cm. North orientated to the left. Full contemporary hand colour. Excellent. £500
H29742CeylonSchenk.jpg (136698 bytes)
433. Stanford, E. ‘CEYLON’. Large map of Ceylon. Edward Stanford ca, 1894 [24423] 49 x 60 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £120
H24423CeylonStanford.jpg (101216 bytes) 
434. Faden, W. ‘A MAP OF THE PENINSULA OF INDIA FROM THE 19TH DEGREE LATITUDE TO CAPE COMORIN’. Large (wall) map of India, printed on two double sheets, not joined, showing the acquisitioins of Great Britain and her Allies by the Partition Treaties in 1792 and 1799. Printed for William Faden 1800 [27782] 99 x 82 cm, when joined. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £450
H27782IndiaFaden(1).jpg (109057 bytes)
H27782IndiaFaden(2).jpg (96621 bytes)

435. Lizars, W. ‘HINDOSTAN’. Map of India with small inset map of Ceylon. William Lizars ca. 1845 [27837] 38 x 49 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £90
H27837HindostanLizars.jpg (105457 bytes)

436. Tallis, J. 'BRITISH INDIA'. Antique map of India, the usual four vignettes in the corners replaced by tables given the dates and localities of the Indian Mutiny and Massacres in 1857-58. Rapkin for London Printing and Publishing Company ca. 1860 [19856] 34 x 25 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £75
H19856IndiaTallis.jpg (98844 bytes)

437. Tallis, J. 'ISLANDS IN THE INDIAN OCEAN'. Antique map of the Indian Ocean with Madagascar, Mauritius, etc. John Tallis ca. 1851 [26477] 34 x 25 cm. Original outline colour, all vignettes and border recent colour. Excellent condition. Folio edition - no centrefold. £90
H26477IndianTallis.jpg (98439 bytes)

439. Seutter, M. ‘IMPERII MAGNI MOGOLIS SIVE INDICI PADSCHACH...’ Map of Northern India between the Himalayas and Goa/Madras. Two large figurative cartouches and vignette of a sailing vessel. Published by Matthaeus Seutter in Augsburg ca. 1730 [29709] 50 x 57 cm. Cartouches and vignette uncoloured, the map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £600
H29709IndiaSeutter.jpg (165234 bytes)


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