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Italy, Malta

Antique Maps and Prints of Italy, Florence, Rome, Venice, Malta

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1318. Homann, J. B. ‘DANUBII FLUMINIS .... PARS SUPERIOR, IN QUA SUEVIA, BAVARIA, AUSTRIA, STIRIA, CARINTHIA, CARNIOLA, TYROLIS ET HELVETIA CUM MAGNA PARTE ITALIAE EXHIBENTUR’. Map of the whole central Alpine region with Northern and Central Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slowenia and Croatia. Johann Baptist Homann ca. 1720 [22480] 47 x 55 cm. Original colour. Excellent condition. £100
H22480DanubiiSuperiorHomann.jpg (100495 bytes) 
1326. Anonymous. ‘AN ACCURATE MAP OF ITALY FROM THE LATEST IMPROVEMENTS AND REGULATED BY ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS’. Antique map of India, and East India with pictorial cartouche, probably engraved after Bowen by R. Reynolds ca. 1765 [25637] 19 x 28 cm. Recent outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
Engraved for Mountague’s History of England.
H25637ItalyMountague.jpg (101540 bytes)

1327. Cary, J. ‘A NEW MAP OF ITALY INCLUDING THE ISLANDS OF SICILY, SARDINIA AND CORSICA WITH THE POST ROADS...’. Antique map of Italy. John Cary 1799 [26150] 45 x 51 cm. Full original colour. Very good condition. £75
H26150ItalyCary.jpg (100023 bytes)

1328. Geograph. Institut Weimar. ‘CHARTE VON ITALIEN...’. Antique map of Italy. Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1817 [25818] 53 x 47 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £125
H25818ItalienWeimar.jpg (101473 bytes)

1329. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. ‘KINGDOM OF NAPLES OR THE TWO SICILIES’. Antique map of southern Italy and Sicily with inset map of the area around Naples. Thomas and Cowperthwait in Philadelphia for Mitchell ca. 1850 [25661] Full original colour with decorative coloured border, 36 x 29 cm. £60
H25661NaplesCowp.jpg (100125 bytes)

1330. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. ‘KINGDOM OF SARDINIA’. Antique map of northwest Italy (Savoy, Piemonte) with large inset map of the Island of Sardinia. Thomas and Cowperthwait in Philadelphia for Mitchell ca. 1850 [24626] 32 x 40 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £100
H24626SardiniaCowp.jpg (103253 bytes)

1331. Schenk, P. ‘SEDES BELLI IN ITALIA, COMPREHENDENS DUCATUS MEDIOLANENSEM, PARMENSEM, AC GENUENSEM ....’ and ‘VENET. REIP. DOMINIUM, NEC NON PONTIFICII IURIS DITIONUM PARS MAXIMA ET NOBILISSIMA ...’. Large map of northern Italy, showing the full course of the River Po, illustrating the region of Lombardia disputed ‘inter Carolum Austriacum & Philippum Andegavensem’. Pictorial cartouche with soldiers and busts of the two regents. Printed on two sheets, not joined. Pieter Schenk ca. 1720 [22297] 54 x 48 cm each mapsheet, 54 x 96 cm when joined. The cartouche uncoloured, the maps in full original colour. Some verdi gris cracks in border colours invisibly rebacked, both maps otherwise in very good condition. The set of two maps £450
Separately published, based on the five sheet map of the river by Placide de Sainte Helene, published in Paris in 1704. - The War of the Spanish Succession was fought between the French and Spanish who wanted Philip of Anjou, grandson of the French King, to ascend to the Spanish throne, and the British, the Dutch and the Holy Roman Empire who feared the union of the French and Spanish crown and instead wanted Archduke Charles Of Austria, cousin of the recently deceased king of Spain to be his successor. The war began with the invasion of Lombardy in 1701 by the Austrians, and culminated with the complete defeat of the Franco-Spanish forces by 1707. This map appears to depcict the theatre of war from circa 1704 when Philip of Anjou was forced to leave Italy.
H22297SedesBelliSchenk(1).jpg (100875 bytes)
H22297VeneziaSchenk(2).jpg (101487 bytes)

1334. Service Hydrographique de la Marine. ‘ILES DE MALTE ET DE GOZO’. Large sea chart of Malta and Gozo, first published by the Service Hydrographique de la Marine in Paris 1877 after a chart of 1863 by captains Graves and Spratt of the Birish Navy, now published with latest small corrections in Paris in 1973 [26847] 62 x 94 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £150
H26847MaltaMarine.jpg (98292 bytes)

1335A. Faden, W. ‘A MAP OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA WITH THE ADJACENT REGIONS AND SEAS IN EUROPE, ASIA AND AFRICA’. Very large map of the Mediterranean, printed on four sheets (2 joined), reaching from Spain to the Black Sea and Persia. Published by William Faden 1785 [27868] 59 x 178 cm when joined. Full original colour. Occasional minor faint browning to joints, otherwise very good condition. £600
H27868MedFaden(1).jpg (115135 bytes)
H27868MedFaden(2).jpg (109299 bytes)

1342. Streit, F. W. ‘CHARTE VON NORD- ODER OBER - ITALIEN...’. North and Central Italy reaching south to Rome. Friedrich Wilhelm Streit for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1818 [25819] 50 x 66 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
H25819NItalyStreit.jpg (102192 bytes)

1344. Bowen, E. ‘A NEW AND ACCURATE MAP OF THE NORTHERN PARTS OF ITALY...’ and ‘A DRAUGHT OF THE ROAD OF LEGHORN’. Two maps on one sheet of northern Italy with the Gulf of Genoa in the centre, and a sea chart of the area around Livorno. Emanuel Bowen ca. 1766 [26801] 32 x 22 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £125
H26801LeghornBowen.jpg (88801 bytes)

1347. Aa, P. v. d. ‘LE PIEMONT, SUIVANT LES NOUVELLES OBSERVATIONS’. Antique map of Piemonte in northern Italy, the region around Torino, reaching south to the Riviera di Ponente, with pictorial cartouche. Pieter van der Aa, Leiden 1714 [25125] 23 x 30 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £120
Folio edition - no centrefolds.
H25125PiemontAa.jpg (103343 bytes)

1355. Münster, Seb. ‘DIE STATT ROM IN ALLER WELDT BEKANT CONTRAFHETUNG...’. Early view of Rome from a half elevated position. Seb. Münster ca. 1550 [20228] 24 x 36 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £350
H20228RomeMünster.jpg (102443 bytes)

1356. Little, W. ‘ROME MDCCCXLIX’. Panorama of Rome, from the heights. Wood-engraving issued as a supplement with the Illustrated London News. Drawn by William Little 1849 [24763] 35 x 97 cm. Very good condition. Uncoloured. £500
H21518(1)Rome1849ILN.jpg (101840 bytes) 
H21518(2)Rome1849ILN.jpg (100402 bytes)

1358. Tidmarsh, H. E. & H. W. Brewer. ‘ROME IN 1890’. A superb bird’s-eye view with the Colosseo in the foreground. St Peter’s in the distance. Decorative cartouche. Drawn by H. E. Tidmarsh & H. W. Brewer for The Graphic 1890 [21519] 51 x 75 cm. Folded. Uncoloured as issued. Excellent condition. £250
H21519Rome1890Graphic.jpg (102354 bytes)

1359. Seutter, M. ‘INSULA ET REGNUM SARDINIAE...’. Map of Sardinia with large figurative cartouche and two vignettes. Published by Matthaeus Seutter in Augsburg ca. 1730 [29712] 57 x 49 cm. Cartouche and vignettes uncoloured, the map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £600
H29712SardiniaSeutter.jpg (131425 bytes)

1360. Dower, J. ‘THE ISLANDS OF CORSICA AND SARDINIA’. Antique map of the French/Italian islands. Engraved for Weekly Dispatch Atlas by John Dower ca. 1863 [25521] 43 x 30 cm. Original outline colour. Few creases flattened. £100
H25521CorsicaSardiniaDower.jpg (99426 bytes)

1361. Mercator, G. ‘SICILIAE REGNUM’. Map of Sicily. Gerard Mercator ca. 1610 [27959] 34 x 48 cm. Full original colour, incl. cartouches. Slight browning to margins, otherwise very good condition. £500
French text verso.
H27959SiciliaeMercator.jpg (101454 bytes)

1362A. Seutter, M. ‘SICILIAE REGNUM, CUM ADJACENTE INSULA SARDINIA ET MAXIMA PARTE REGNI NEAPOLITANI...’. Map of Sicily and Sardinia with very large figurative cartouche and inset plans of Messina and Catania with Mount Aetna. Published by Matthaeus Seutter in Augsburg ca. 1730 [29711] 49 x 58 cm. Cartouche uncoloured, the map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £600
H29711SiciliaeSeutter.jpg (142370 bytes)

1363. Homann, J. B. ‘NOVISSIMA & EXACTISSIMA TOTIUS REGNI NEAPOLIS TABULA....’. Antique map of southern Italy, the Kingdom of Naples, with two figurative cartouches incl. cherubs, Neapolitan coat of arms before an erupting Mount Vesuvius, rider on horseback and a large fish. Johann Baptist Homann ca. 1720 [22346] 56 x 49 cm. Cartouches uncoloured, the map in full original colour. Very good condition. £180
H22346NeapolisHomann.jpg (100845 bytes)

1363A. Seutter, M. ‘NEAPOLIS REGNUM...’. Map of southern Italy, the Kingdom of Naples, with cartouche surrounded by putti and heraldic shields, and scale of miles with two putti holding a heraldic shield and image of Vesuvius above. Published by Mattheus Seutter in Augsburg ca. 1730 [29706] 58 x 50 cm. Cartouches uncoloured, the map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £250
H29706NeapolisSeutter.jpg (140911 bytes)

1364. Sanson, N. / Jaillot, H. / Ottens, R. & J. ‘LE ROYAUME DE NAPLES DIVISÉ EN DOUZE PROVINCES’. Antique map of southern Italy, reaching east to Albania and the Greek island of Corfu, with figurative cartouche and scale of miles. Published in Amsterdam by Reinier & Josua Ottens from the plate by Nicolas Sanson / Hubert Jaillot ca. 1740 [22347] 44 x 54 cm. The map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £120
From the Jaillot-Mortier plate first published in 1696 in the Dutch edition of the Atlas Francois.
H22347NapoliJaillot.jpg (101951 bytes)

1365. Geograph. Institut Weimar. ‘CHARTE VON DEM KÖNIGREICHE NEAPEL...’. South Italy, excl. Sicily. Ferd. Götze for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1804 [17308] 55 x 43 cm. Full original colour. Cartouche and scale of miles uncoloured. £100
H17308SItalyGötze.jpg (100572 bytes)

1366. Goetze, F. ‘CHARTE VON DEM KÖNIGREICHE NEAPEL...’. Antique map of southern Italy. Ferdinand Götze for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1817 [25820] 56 x 43 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £100
H25820SItalyGoetze.jpg (101995 bytes)

1367. Hall, S. ‘SOUTH ITALY’. South Italy and Sicily. Inset map of Sardinia. Sidney Hall 1828 [19266] 41 x 51 cm. Original outline Colour. £100
H19266SItalyHall.jpg (100499 bytes)

1369. Anonymous. ‘TURIN’. Superb view of the town with the mountains beyond and five smaller sketches of buildings and monuments below. Woodengraving for the Illustrated London News 1884 [23130] 35 x 50 cm. Full superb recent colour. Excellent condition. £175
H23130TurinILN.jpg (100191 bytes)

1370. Blaeu, J. / Schenk, P. & Valk, G. ‘TERRITORIO TREVIGIANO’. Detailed map of the region around Treviso north of Venezia, with figurative title cartouche and scale of miles. Published by Pieter Schenk and Gerard Valk from the plate by Joannes Blaeu ca. 1700 [23781] 37 x 47 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £300
H23781TrevigianoSchenk.jpg (100874 bytes)
1371. Merian, M. ‘VENETIA’. Highly detailed prospect of Venice from a half birds-eye position with numerous ships in the lagune and large coat of arms with the Venetian lion. Matthaeus Merian ca. 1646 [20465] 30 x 71 cm. Uncoloured. Fine dark impression. Very good condition. £2000
H20465VenetiaMerian.jpg (102074 bytes) 

1372. Weger, A. ‘OBER-ITALIEN TAF. II’. View of Piazza San Marco in Venice, surrounded by 7 views/plans of Venice. A. Weger in Leipzig ca. 1850 [19470] 26 x 29 cm. £95
H19470VeniceWeger.jpg (97695 bytes)

1374. Illustrated London News. ‘THE EMPEROR OF AUSTRIA’S VISIT TO VENICE: PROCESSION ON THE GRAND CANAL’. A very busy scene on the Canale Grande with hundreds of boats! Illustrated London News 1875 [26426] 34 x 50 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £120
H26426VeniceILN.jpg (101735 bytes)


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