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South America

Antique Maps and Prints of the Continent of South America and single countries within

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358. Seutter, M. ‘RECENS ELABORATA MAPPA GEOGRAPHICA REGNI BRASILIAE IN AMERICA MERIDIONALI...’. Map of Brazil with large figurative cartouche. Published by Matthaeus Seutter in Augsburg ca. 1730 [29714] 49 x 56 cm. Cartouche uncoloured, the map in full original colour. Excellent condition. £600
H29714BrazilSeutter.jpg (156102 bytes)

359. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. ‘BRAZIL’. Antique map of Brazil with two inset maps of Paraguy and the Environs of Rio de Janeiro. Thomas and Cowperthwait in Philadelphia for Mitchell ca. 1850 [24633] 39 x 31 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £100
H24633BrazilCowp.jpg (103501 bytes)

360. Tallis, J. 'BRAZIL'. Antique map of Brazil. John Tallis ca. 1851 [26483] 34 x 25 cm. Original outline colour, all vignettes and border recent colour. Excellent condition. Folio edition - no centrefold. £125
H26483BrazilTallis.jpg (100113 bytes)

363. Danville, J. ‘KARTE VON DER PROVINZ QUITO IN PERU'. Very detailed large map of Ecuador after a survey by de la Condamine, showing the triangulation points used in the valley between Quito and Cuenca. Danville after de la Condamine 1751 [29825] 59 x 35 cm. Two cartouches, scale of miles. Uncoloured. £100
H17467QuitoDAnville.jpg (92951 bytes)

364. Jefferys, Th. ‘PLAN OF ACARRON BAY SITUATED AT THE EAST POINT OF THE MALOUINE ISLANDS’ on sheet with ‘A VIEW OF FORT ST. LOUIS AT ACARRON BAY’. Chart of present-day Berkeley Sound and (above) view of Port Louis in the Falkland Islands. Published in a history of a voyage to the Malouine (or Falkland) Islands by Thomas Jefferys 1771 [27808] 25 x 24 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £200
The islands were discovered on a voyage by Louis de Bougainville, who named them as a French colony in honour of French seamen from St. Malo.
H27808FalklandsJefferys.jpg (96659 bytes)

365. Stanford, E. ‘THE FALKLAND ISLANDS’. Very detailed large map after a survey by Captn. Robert Fitzroy, R.N. et al. Edward Stanford ca. 1894 [21051] 49 x 61 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £180
H21051FalklandsStanford.jpg (101138 bytes)

368. Admiralty Charts. ‘SOUTH AMERICA WEST COAST SHEET XII / PERU AND CHILE / CABO LOBOS TO PUNTA PESCADORES’. Sea chart of the south Peruvian coastline to the Chilean border at Arica, with 3 inset harbour plans of Puerto de Ilo, Puerto Mollendo and Caleta Ocona. First published at the Admiralty 1840, and now with a few corrections by the Admiralty 1940 [26435] 48 x 62 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £60
H26435PeruAdmiralty.jpg (103095 bytes)

369. Anonymous. ‘THE REVOLUTION IN BRAZIL - PANORAMIC VIEW OF RIO DE JANEIRO, THE CAPITAL’. View taken from across the bay. Sugar Loaf mountain in the far distance. Above text about the revolution and two portraits of Dom Pedro, Ex-Emperor of Brazil, and his wife Donna Theresa. Separately published in London as a supplement to The Graphic 1889 [29716] 36 x 57 cm. The panorama (19 x 57 cm) in full recent colour. Excellent condition. £300
H29716RioGraphic.jpg (92456 bytes)

370. Sanson, N. / H. Jaillot. ‘AMERIQUE MERIDIONALE DIVISEE EN SES PRINCIPALES PARTIES...’.Large map of South America with two large decorative cartouches (title and scale of miles). Printed on two sheets and joined. Published by Hubert Jaillot from the plate by Nicolas Sanson 1691 [22202] 56 x 87 cm. The map in original outline colour. Very good condition. £300
H22202SAmericaSanson.jpg (89714 bytes) 

372. Faden, W. / De la Rochette, Louis S. d’Arcy. ‘COLOMBIA PRIMA OR SOUTH AMERICA...’. Large (wall) map of South America, printed on two double sheets, not joined, ‘drawn from the large map in eight sheets by Louis Stanislas D’Arcy Delarochette’. Published by William Faden 1811 [27785] 87 x 76 cm, when joined. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £350
H27785SAmericaFaden(1).jpg (85628 bytes)
H27785SAmericaFaden(2).jpg (56457 bytes)

374. Reichard, C. G. ‘SÜD AMERICA...’. Large map of the South American continent. Christian Gottlieb Reichard for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1817 [25851] 70 x 52 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £200
H25851SAmericaReichard.jpg (102691 bytes)

375. Hall, S. ‘SOUTH AMERICA’. Sidney Hall 1829 [19276] 51 x 41 cm. Original outline Colour. Excellent condition. £125
H19276SAmericaHall.jpg (101126 bytes)

376. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. ‘SOUTH AMERICA’. Antique map of South America. Thomas and Cowperthwait in Philadelphia for Mitchell ca. 1850 [26556] 31 x 38 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £100
H26556SAmericaCowp.jpg (101602 bytes)

377. Levasseur, V. ‘AMÉRIQUE MÉRIDIONALE’. Antique map of South America, set within very decorative scenic pictorial surrounds of natives and animals. Laguillermie for Levasseur’s Atlas Universel Illustré ca. 1852 [25796] 28 x 42 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £100
H25796SAmericaLevasseur.jpg (101027 bytes)

378. Faden, W. / De la Rochette, Louis S. d’Arcy. ‘THE COAST OF GUYANA FROM THE OROONOKO TO THE RIVER OF AMAZONS AND THE INLAND PARTS as far as they have been Explored by the French & Dutch Engineers WITH THE ISLANDS OF BARBADOES TOBAGO &ca’. Chart of the South American coast between Trinidad and the mouths of the Amazon, covering Surinam and French and Dutch Guyana. Four small inset maps. Published by William Faden 1783 [27825] 50 x 68 cm. Original outline colour. Vertical paper crease near the right margin flattened, otherwise very good condition. £320
A geohydrographic survey by Louis S. De la Rochette ‘from the Observations of Captain Edward Thompson made in the Hyaena in the Year 1781...’.
H27825GuyanaFaden.jpg (111924 bytes)


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