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Antique Maps and Prints of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

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1406. Flemming, C. 'KARTE DER OST-SEE'. The detailed coastal areas of Denmark, southern Sweden, Finland and the Baltic states. 4 map sheets, joined to form one large map of the Baltic Sea. Inset plans of the areas around Stockholm, Helsingfors, St.Petersburg, Reval and Frederiksholm. Showing detailed position of the lighthouses all along the coast and on all islands. Handtke for Flemming in Glogau ca. 1850 [7821] 58 x 74 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
H07821BalticFlemming.jpg (100609 bytes)

1415. Faden, W. ‘A MAP OF THE KINGDOM OF DENMARK WITH THE DUCHY OF HOLSTEIN’. Double page map published by William Faden 1790 [29759]
69 x 52 cm. Full original colouring. Excellent condition. £150
H29759DenmarkFaden.jpg (98027 bytes) 

1418. Cary, J. ‘A NEW MAP OF THE KINGDOM OF DENMARK, COMPREHENDING NORTH AND SOUTH JUTLAND, ZEELAND, FYEN, LAALAND, AND PART OF HOLSTEIN...’. Antique map of Denmark. John Cary 1801 [26180] 45 x 51 cm. Full original colour. Excellent condition. £100
H26180DenmarkCary.jpg (100459 bytes)

1424. De Piene, A. ‘LA GRAN PENISOLA DELLA SCANDIA MADRE D’INNUMERABILI ESSERCITI, E REGALI FAMIGLIE PERTUTTA L’EUROPA DIFFUSE’. Uncommon map of Scandinavia with decorative cartouche and scale of miles, north orientated to the right. Engraved by Antonio de Piene ca. 1664 [24190] 27 x 35 cm. Uncoloured. Wide margins, excellent condition. £300
From Emmanuele Tesauro's Del Regno d'Italia Sotto i Barbari Epitome, published in Turin 1664.
H24190ScandiaPiene.jpg (100162 bytes)

1425. Aa, P. v. d. ‘SCANDINAVIE MERIDIONALE OU COURONNES DU NORD, SUIVANT LES NOUVELLES OBSERVATIONS’. Antique map of southern Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic Sea and Baltic States with pictorial cartouche. Pieter van der Aa, Leiden 1714 [25060] 23 x 29 cm. Full hand colour. Excellent condition. £275
Folio edition - no centrefolds.
H25060ScandinavieAa.jpg (102701 bytes)

1426. Aa, P. v. d. ‘SCANDINAVIE SEPTENTRIONALE OU COURONNES DU NORD, SUIVANT LES NOUVELLES OBSERVATIONS’. Antique map of northern Scandinavia and the Nordkapp with pictorial cartouche. Pieter van der Aa, Leiden 1714 [26411] 23 x 29 cm. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £180
Folio edition - no centrefolds.
H26411NSwedenAa.jpg (101948 bytes)

1427. Homann, J. B. ‘SCANDINAVIA COMPLECTENS SUECIAE, DANIAE & NORVEGIAE REGNA’. Joh. Bapt. Homann ca. 1720 [17698] 49 x 58 cm. Full original colour, large figurative and heraldic cartouche uncoloured. £350
H17698ScandinaviaHomann.jpg (97029 bytes)

1429. Geograph. Institut Weimar. ‘CHARTE VON SCHWEDEN UND NORWEGEN...’. Sweden, Norway and Finland with an inset map of Iceland. J. C. M. Reinecke for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1800 / 1804 [17279] 50 x 49 cm. Full original colour. Cartouche uncoloured. Excellent condition. £150
H17279ScandinaviaReinecke.jpg (99446 bytes)

1430. Reinecke, J. C. ‘CHARTE VON SCHWEDEN UND NORWEGEN...’. Antique map of Sweden, Norway and Finland with an inset map of Iceland. Johann Christoph Reinecke for Verlag des Geograph. Instituts Weimar 1800 / 1817 [25830] 50 x 49 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £150
H25830ScandinaviaReinecke.jpg (91306 bytes)

1432. Lizars, W. ‘SCANDINAVIA INCLUDING SWEDEN, NORWAY & DENMARK’. Doublepage map of Scandinavia with inset map of Iceland. William Lizars ca. 1845 [18981] 48 x 38 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £70
H18981ScandinaviaLizars.jpg (102987 bytes)

1433. Stülpnagel, F. v. ‘SCHWEDEN UND NORWEGEN’. Antique map of Sweden and Norway. Small inset map of the environs and plan of Stockholm. Fr. von Stülpnagel for Stieler’s Atlas 1846 [16684] 40 x 32 cm. Original outline colour. Excellent condition. £75
H16684ScandinaviaStuelpnagel.jpg (99743 bytes)

1436. (Huldberg, P. A.). ‘KARTA OFVER SEGELLEDEN FRÅN STOCKHOLM KANALVÄGEN TILL GÖTHEBORG JEMTE FYRTIFYRA UTSIGTER’. Large folding strip map of the canal from Stockholm to Göteborg, surrounded by 44 views along the route (incl. two large panoramic views of Stockholm and two of Göteborg). Ny Upplaga (= new edition) Stockholm, Ls. Gust. Rylander ca. 1850 [25963] 238 x 23 cm, folding into original green printed publishers boards (spine split). The map in original outline colour, the views uncoloured. Excellent condition. £250
The map was originally published without views in 1837, which were added around 1850, and sometimes with a 32-page descriptive text, or alone (as here).
H25963(1)StockholmHuldberg.jpg (104108 bytes)
H25963(2)StockholmHuldberg.jpg (99230 bytes)

1437. Visscher, N. ‘HALLANDIA NOVA ET ACCURATA DESCRIPTIO’. Detailed map of Halland on the West coast of Sweden between Göteborg and Helsingborg. Nicolaas Visscher ca. 1650 [22193] 44 x 52 cm. Figurative cartouche and scale of miles. Uncoloured. Excellent condition. £150
This is an apparently unrecorded Visscher map, separately published, not appearing in any of the Visscher atlases. The map is identical to an Allard map of the same title. Koeman lists a Covens & Mortier composite atlas (C&M 11/488) which contains a map with the title “Hallandia apud Covens & Mortier”, and the Library of Congress has a nine volume Covens & Mortier atlas (#3448 Vol.3/73) with a “Hallandia Nova et Accurata Descriptio” map without the Visscher address below the title. - A rare map, and one of the few devoted to Halland and north Schonen, held as Danish until 1645 when it was claimed by Sweden.
H22193HallandiaVisscher.jpg (101088 bytes)
1437A. Faden, W. ‘CHART OF THE STRAITS BETWEEN DENMARK AND SWEDEN, SHEWING THE PASSAGE FROM THE KATTEGAT THROUGH THE SOUND, TO COPENHAGEN ROAD, AND THENCE THROUGH THE GROUNDS TO THE ENTRANCE OF THE BALTIC. Compiled from the Maritime Surveys of Professor C. C. Lous and Admiral J. Nordenankar’. Chart of the Kattegat Straits. Copenhagen and Malmö are now linked by a road bridge/tunnel via the islands of Amag and Saltholm. Published by William Faden in London 1801 [28215] 62 x 39 cm. Fine original coloured copper engraving. Two short splits invisibly rebacked and narrow lower left margin (present as always due to the required folding into the atlas) rebacked/extended. £150
The Öresund or Øresund Bridge is a double-track railway and dual carriageway bridge/tunnel across the Øresund strait between Scania (southernmost Sweden) and Denmark.
H28215KattegatFaden.jpg (123055 bytes)


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